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  • Infosana (LATAM-focused. First-of-its-kind, unbiased information. Provide a community of all-inclusive information encouraging best-in-class wound care) 

  • 3M+KCI
    San Antonio, TX

  • Concept

  • Creative Direction

  • Styling

  • Creative Lead

  • Client Lead

3M + KCI has a need relevant to representatives' and customers' understanding of the reimbursement rules surrounding the SNAP product. Various customers each have different rules and codes to begin the reimbursement process. Representatives and customers need to better understand not only the information they should be able to provide but also when to engage the Reimbursement Hotline


The INFOSANA brand and its services will

provide the most current information and resources for families, doctors, nurses, and clinicians in their communities and provide leading-edge education in wound therapy.

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