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San Fransisco, CA

  • Creative Direction

  • Concept

  • Art Direction

Portfolio: Genentech’s Mosun and Polivy (Polarix) brands.

I led 30 work streams: concepted, developed, content development, and produced

Build a digital and social media ecosystem that will be responsible for building awareness and experience of POLIVY and MOSUN amongst community physicians. The ecosystem should focus on three core areas: 

  1. Awareness 

  2. Consideration 

  3. Experience

Communications included:

  • HCP Branded social media posts for Twitter and Facebook, Sermo, ASH (animated/static) and shells

  • HCP Unbranded social media posts for Twitter and Facebook (animated/static) and shells

  • DTC branded for Twitter and Facebook

  • HCP Unbranded website content development and design

  • HCP Branded website content and design

  • Unbranded HCP logo development

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